Port Huron Nutcracker The Nutcracker, Port Huron Nutcracker Ballet Theatre Company

Auditions take place at
Port Huron Masonic Center
927 6th Street, Port Huron

2019 Show Dates: Dec 6th, 7th, & 8th

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IMPORTANT Nutcracker Participation Information
The Nutcracker offers a tremendous opportunity for performers to participate in a full-scale professional ballet theater production. This is not a recital. With this production, performers will have the opportunity to perform in front of family, friends and the greater Blue Water community. Please review this information prior to auditioning.

The Nutcracker Ballet Theatre Co. is not affiliated with any dance studio. We welcome all dance students and performers from the greater Port Huron area and beyond. We typically cast 100-125 performers each year.

Auditioners must be age 3 or older by the date of the audition. Participation in The Nutcracker is voluntary. Girls auditioning for a dance role in The Nutcracker must be enrolled in and regularly attending a minimum of at least one dance class per week at a dance studio of their choosing. For boys, being enrolled in a dance class is recommended - doing so is looked upon favorably by The Nutcracker. Experienced/Advanced male ballet dancers are urged to audition for featured and/or partnering roles. Adults are also needed to perform as "parents" in the party scene. Please feel free to audition! Dance training is of course helpful, but not required for adults. More information about the roles are at the bottom of this page.

There is a $35 non-refundable audition fee that is required to be paid by audition day. If you choose to accept the part(s) offered, an additional $65 participation fee is due no later than September 1st (for a total of $100).

Only auditioners, Choreographers and Nutcracker Board members are allowed in the audition area. Parents or guardians are not permitted to watch the auditions. If parents need or want to stay, there will be a designated waiting area.

Casting is at the sole discretion of the casting committee and is based on dancer ability, costume requirements, and overall suitability to the production. Casting is not based on seniority or placement in previous shows. As rehearsals progress, cast members may be required to perform additional roles or to change roles altogether. Not all auditioners are cast in the production.

Be sure to wear proper ballet attire for auditions (and all practices and rehearsals). For females, this means hair secured in a classical ballet bun, black leotard, pink tights and proper shoes for your part (pointe shoes for pointe dancers, character shoes for Spanish, all-white gym shoes for acrobat, jazz shoes for Russian, ballet slippers for all non-pointe ballet dancers). For males, shorts, T-shirt, and either jazz or ballet shoes. No flashy, loud and/or distracting apparel allowed.

Dancers and/or their parents should consider the commitment required for rehearsals and performances before auditioning. A commitment of this level is viewed by our staff as a family commitment. All Nutcracker rehearsals take place on Sundays beginning in late summer. Not every cast member is scheduled to rehearse every Sunday, so you'll have a few Sundays off during Sept-Oct. However, most cast members will be scheduled to rehearse every Sunday during November and up to the show. That being said, if you are involved in other activities that meet regularly during the fall on Sundays that you cannot reschedule or are unwilling to reschedule, you should reconsider auditioning for The Nutcracker, as the potential for conflict already exists.

To help The Nutcracker run smoothly, volunteers are essential. At least one cast member parent/guardian is required to volunteer during the show weekend in some capacity. There will be volunteer sign-up sheets posted during rehearsals leading up to the production. There are many different types of jobs available for which to sign up. It's best to sign up early if you prefer a certain job. If you neglect to sign up, a job will be assigned to you by The Nutcracker.

Please make sure your calendar is clear the entire week of the shows - for stage and dress rehearsals, and the show itself. If you have other committments that week (band concerts, competitions, vacations, etc.) that you cannot change or are unwilling to change, please reconsider auditioning. We also rehearse the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We need your 100% committment to this production.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Roles and requirements:

Baby Dolls
Boys and girls ages 3 - 6. Must be age 3 by audition date and be able to sit still for an extended period of time, and be able to listen and follow directions.


Boys and girls at level 4 or ages 9 and up. Current gymnastic training is required.

Boys Parts

Must be age 7 by audition date. Dance training is recommended. Should possess basic coordination and/or dance abilities.

Girls Parts

Must be 7 or older by audition date. Basic ballet and/or dance training required.

Pointe Parts
Intermediate & Advanced
Age 11 and up. Pointe training required. All pointe dancers must be steady and strong on pointe. You will be asked to perform many ballet/pointe maneuvers for auditions.

Casting pointe parts is the sole discretion of the casting committee and artistic directors.

Male Ballet Dancers Experienced and/or advanced male ballet dancers. Late teens to mid-20's in age preferred. Lifts and/or partnering involved. Many roles available.

Adult Dancers
Party Scene
Men and women to play the part of "parents". Must look the part. Shouldn't be shy or scared to be dancing/acting on stage in front of a large audience! Experience with dancing a plus, but not required!

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