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The Nutcracker, Port Huron

Tech Week
Thursday, December 2nd - Wear your dance shoes

4:30 - 6:00pm   PARTY SCENE -ALL - BLOCKING
6:00 - 8:00pm   BATTLE SCENE - ALL - BLOCKING including Baby Dolls SNOW
7:00 - 10:00pm  ACT II - ALL - BLOCKING
ACT I INCLUDES: Party Scene, Battle Scene, Snow
- PARTY SCENE INCLUDES:  Mother, Father, Parents, Maid, Butler, Drosselmeyer, Clara, Fritz, all Children, Friends, Boys, Columbine, Vivandier, Harlequin
- BATTLE SCENE INCLUDES:  Clara, Drosselmeyer, Mice, Soldiers, Nutcracker Doll/Prince, King Mouse, Baby Dolls
ACT II INCLUDES:  Sugarland Court, Bakers, Mirlitons, Flowers, Spanish, Arabian, Chinese, Russian, Mama G, Acrobats, Bon Bons, Sugar Plum, Cavalier

Friday, December 3rd
5:00pmCostume Check-out - All Act I Dancers
5:30pmWarm-Up - Corp Dancers
6:00pmCostume Check-out - All Act II Dancers
6:30pmSet Stage for Act I
Sound, Lights, Backstage Crew Headsets On
Sound on in basement
CALL PLACES - Baby Dolls, Clara, Fritz, Mother, Father
                             Drosselmeyer, Parents, Friends, Children
                             Maid, Butler

Dress Rehearsal is scheduled to run until 10:00pm. We will run the Finale between Act I and Act II. DO NOT LEAVE until you have been officially dismissed. Occasionally dances will be repeated at the end.

Both Shows   Cast Members
12:00 NoonCALL - All Act I Dancers
Arrive with your make-up alreay applied
12:30 - 1:00Warm Up Corp Dancers
12:30CALL - All Act II Dancers
1:00Doormen and Ticket Takers in Place
Outside doors open to public
Theater Doors Open
1:55Trumpeter & Lobby lights flash

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