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2016 Blocking Schedule & Information
McMorran Theatre, Port Huron

Wed, Nov 30th

4:00 - 6:00
6:00 - 8:00
8:00 - 10:00

Party Scene (All)
Battle Scene (All) incl. Baby Dolls and Snow
Act II (All)

Procedure for Arriving

- Enter through the southesast stage door (McMorran Blvd. side)
- Check in with security BEFORE proceeding to the backstage/green room areas. Once you have been checked in, proceed to the Green Room located in the basement. Find your star! Your "star" indicates where you will be sitting while waiting to perform.
- Adult cast members - go to the Memorial Room located on the main floor after checking in.

Hair and Make-Up
- Unless you have made previous arrangements, female "Parent" dancers should arrive with their hair already done. Recommended styles are a "Twist" or an "Up Do" with pinned curls.
- Ballerinas are required to wear their hair IN A PROPER BUN - in the middle of the back of your head. NO PART or BANGS. Use bobby pins, not hairpins.
- Dancers make-up will be kept by the make-up team until after the final show.
- Make-up will be applied in the designated area of the Green Room. Assigned chaperones will take dancers to make-up when it is their time. All dancers need their cover-up shirts on for their make-up call time.
- Contact Rhonda Ferguson with any hair or make-up questions - 586-994-6597

- Before Dress Rehearsal, report to Wardrobe to pick up your costume(s). Wardrobe is located on the main floor in the Memorial Room. Keep your costume(s) in your dressing room/green room area during show weekend. You are responsible for returning your costume(s) to Wardrobe after the last performance.
- Name tags must NOT be removed from costumes
- Keep costumes on hanger when not in use. Under no circumstances should a costume be laying in a pile, or on the floor.
- A cover-up must be worn over your costume if you are eating, drinking or having make-up applied. NO EATING without a cover-up.
- If you find a piece of costume, return it to Wardrobe. If you are missing a piece of your costume, check with Wardrobe.
- YOU are responsible for bringing your own tights, briefs, shoes, etc.

Baby Dolls
- Please arrive with your hair already done. Bangs and curls are okay!
- Tights must be Ballet Pink, but do not need to be seamed
- Remain in the Green Room anytime you are not on stage
- Your make-up will be applied in the Green Room - wear your cover-up!

Saturday Afterglow Party
Cast members, their families and guests are invited to attend our "Nutcracker Gala" immediately following the Saturday performance on December 3rd. It is held in the downstairs lounge at the Theatre and is no additional cost. We hope you can all stay and enjoy this wonderful event!

Miscellaneous Information
- Cast members are NOT allowed in the theatre seats or lobby one hour prior to each performance OR during intermissions.
- NO ONE is allowed in the McMorran Theatre seats during Blocking on Wednesday or Dress Rehearsal on Thursday. Children under 8 must have an adult remain in the building. These parents/guardians will be asked to wait in the Green Room throughout the Blocking and Dress Rehearsal.
- Only Chaperones and dancers are allowed in the Green Rooms during the performances. If you have signed up to chaperone, please do not plan on bringing any siblings or guests.
- Once the show begins, there will be NO traveling on stage left or stage right to get to the Green Room. Make sure you are where you need to be in plenty of time.
- Chaperones will bring the younger dancers (Baby Dolls and Mice) up to the lobby after each performance to meet up with parents. Please be sure you are there to meet them.
- Pointe dancers are required to attend the warm-ups prior to each performance
- Flowers, candy grams and souvenirs will be available for sale in the lobby at all performances

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